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The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 (MCS Act) specifies appointment of  a Registering Authority as well as a Co-operative Housing Societies Federation to coordinate with the respective Registering Authority for the specified zone. It is also the requirement of the MCS Act , for a Registering Authority for co-ordination with an apex body of Federations of Co-operative Housing Societies under its jurisdiction.

Accordingly, all the Co-operative Housing Societies in Navi Mumbai originally enrolled themselves as members of Thane District Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd. under the control of the District Deputy Registrar, Thane,  were mandatorily required to affiliate with  Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd., 303, Big Splash, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai and   they may resign from the membership of Thane District Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd.

Unlike other District Co-operative Housing Federations, Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd. is different and unique.right from the process of registration, concepts, style of functioning and the motives. Its Directors, most of whom are retired high ranking officers of Government and multinational companies, are committed to community service without any self-interest, who originally spearheaded the community service under  Navi Mumbai Action Committee (NMAC).

Navi Mumbai Action Committee (NMAC) is one of the oldest NGO s striving hard to protect lawful interests of citizens of Navi Mumbai, the city of the New Millennium and has actually achieved considerable relief  for them. by bringing down Property Taxes by 83% of its original claim, restricting CIDCO from collection of NA tax, reduction of Toll tax by 25% including obtaining a total exemption for two and three wheels vehicles and protecting such other lawful interests of the citizens.

Having been inspired with such functioning of NMAC to protect the interest of citizens, Mr. S P Sangle, the then Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies (CIDCO) suggested the Action Committee to have an independent Federation of Co-operative Housing Societies and actually assisted in arranging for registration of Navi Mumbai Cooperative Housing Federation Ltd. on 12th April 1999. in the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai.

Since inception, this Federation has been providing free consultation to its Member Societies mostly through its Chairman and the Secretary during the first half of all working days, which is now extended to the second half of all the working days too.

The Federation has been fortunate to receive unreserved encouragement and active support of all the Joint Registrars, from its inception starting with  Mr. S P Sangle, Mr. A Seveakar, Dr. Subhash Mane, Mr. B P Rathod, Mr Anil Chavan, Mr Vikas Rasal, Mr Sandip Deshmukh, Mr Subhash Patil and presently Dr Kaderee N Jadhav.

The Federation has played a substantial role by being involved in the review and approval of Model Byelaws 2001, 2009, 2011 as well as  for certain provisions of 2014 too.

The activities and contributions of this Federation have been widely acknowledged at various levels including the State and even at the National level.

The untiring efforts of this Federation along with others could obtain –

(i)  withdrawal of provisions permitting  sale of parking space,

(ii) “No Objection Certificate” of Society for transfer ,

(iii) Signing M-20 Bond and  

(iv) Exemption for Co-operative Housing Societies from  restriction of voting right for initial two years.

Besides conducting seminars, workshops , and meetings in various Nodes of Navi Mumbai to educate member societies in their functioning in consonance with various provisions of laws, free service of the Federation is available at the premises of member societies on prior appointment, provided they ensure participation of about 50 members including others from their neighbourhood.

To enhance able administration and proper up-keeping of records, the Federation implemented in 2003 the automation of all its functioning including maintenance of inventory of stationery, details of membership, etc.

Conceptually our Federation is convinced that housing cooperatives are un-equal to  other cooperative societies under the MCS Act, considering its functioning on “no profit no loss” basis, maintenance of its accounts, limited liability, eligibility of voting right, exemption from signing of M-20 Bond and in many other aspects. Furthermore, Articles 14 and 13 of the Constitution of India demand that un-equals must not be grouped with equals. It is our proud privilege to put on record here that our effort, with the support of others, could motivate the Government finally to create a separate Chapter for Housing Societies under the MCS Act.

This Federation is proud to put on record that it is unique in responding to suggestion of the Department of Co-operation, Government of Maharashtra in 2009, to come out with a comprehensive training program comprising of  Five Modules with practicals of about five-month duration for Managers in Co-operative Housing Societies for the first time in Maharashtra, with the active support of the Jt. Registrar, Co-operative Societies, CIDCO. The Federation issues Certificates to successful trainees signed jointly by itself and the Jt. Registrar, Co-op. Societies (CIDCO).

With the unreserved encouragement and support of the Jt. Registrar, Co-op. Societies (CIDCO), this Federation celebrated the welcoming programme for theTwelve Batch including distribution of certificates at his auspicious hands.. The training course of the Thirteenth batch of the prospective Managers is scheduled to be completed by March 2021. The Federation has a Panel of more than 300 trained Managers for the benefit of Member Societies.

The Federation has obtained  permission of the competent authority and has regularly been conducting  Education and Training Program with interactive sessions in different Nodes of Navi Mumbai in consonance with requirement of Section 24A / 154B-6 of the MCS Act 1960., which was compelled to be withheld due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, the online Education and Training Program with interactive sessions has been activated from 1st November 2020 with the schedule of at least one such programme every month.

Since 2015 the Federation has been circulating free to all its members the half-yearly bulletin “Gruh Sandesh”, and is gearing up to issue shortly its January to June 2021 Issue.

The Federation is not only committed to conducting more and more interactive sessions in all the Nodes of Navi Mumbai for the benefit of Member Societies but also to provide protest letter against any highhandedness by any civic authority to protect their lawful interest. of the member societies. In other words, the Federation is always with its Member  Societies for guidance and unreserved help.