The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 (MCS Act) specifies appointment of one registering authority as well as a Co-operative Housing Federation to co-ordinate with the respective registering authority for the specified zone. It is also a requirement of MCS Act  for a registering authority for co-ordination with an apex body of Federation of Co-operative Housing  Societies under its jurisdiction.

Accordingly all the Co-operative Housing & Premises Societies  in Navi Mumbai were originally enrolled  as members of The Thane District Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd. under the control of the District Deputy Registrar, Thane.

History of Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd.

With a view to decongest the ever-growing Megacity Mumbai and to accommodate the growing population, trade and industry, the Government of Maharashtra, as per the envisaged Master Plan for creating the city of Navi Mumbai,   acquired about 18,854 hectares of land from two adjacent Talukas of the Districts Thane and Raigad. City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO) was appointed as the Development Authority under the provisions of MRTP Act for the planned development of this New City. CIDCO divided the acquired land into Nodes and Sectors and initially took up the development of those parts of the land falling in Thane District. To begin with, the Township of Vashi was developed and subsequently the other Nodes from Airoli to CBD-Belapur. To ensure proper administration of the developed Nodes in Thane District, the Government of Maharashtra constituted Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) on 1st January, 1992.

In consonance with the said master plan and also to ensure planned development of the housing sector and its administration, the post of Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies, (CIDCO) was created whose exclusive jurisdiction covers the geographical area of Navi Mumbai whose office is functioning in co-ordination with CIDCO.

Navi Mumbai Action Committee (NMAC) is one of the oldest NGOs, if not the oldest one in Navi Mumbai.  It is a non-political, secular, social registered Trust. Its strength is spontaneous and enjoys unreserved support and prestige from the citizens of Navi Mumbai.

Early in Nineties few social minded and dedicated citizens of the then New Bombay could not accept imposition of astronomical high property tax for the properties by the newly constituted Civic Body, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which resulted in formation and registration of  NGO, Navi Mumbai Action Committee (NMAC) under the able leadership of Shri A K Bhattacharyya, who crystallizes the public bond. It is one of the oldest NGOs in Navi Mumbai striving hard to protect the lawful interests of the citizens of this city, the City of New Millennium, and actually  obtained considerable relief to the citizens of this urban agglomeration on every front, be it the case of issues with NMMC, CIDCO or State Government. All the achievements in protecting lawful  rights and  interests of the citizens resulted not only due to untiring committed efforts of the Action Committee, unreserved spontaneous  support and contribution of the citizens and the media at local and national level  but also through blessings of the judiciaries at large. The beauty of this mass movement was to maintain equidistance from political intervention as much as without utilization of common easy tools like Procession, Traffic Jam, Gherao or Public Unrest but only through positive interaction at all levels right up to Mantralaya and the course of legal battle before the Hon’ble High Court.

Mass movement against reducing the higher Property Tax in Vashi was very popular demand at that time. Shri K S S Narayanan who, in the larger interest of the citizens, took very proactive role in  this endeavour, which was subsequently spearheaded by Shri A K Bhattacharyya and later on became the nucleus of crystallisation of entire citizens of Vashi and subsequently of Navi Mumbai.

Unlike any other District Federation in Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd., was constituted in compliance with the proposal coming directly from Shri S P Sangle, the then Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies (CIDCO), who was highly impressed with the organising capacity and the leadership quality of Navi Mumbai Action Committee.  Some of its achievements are highlighted below :-

  1. Property Tax – reduction of 83% from the original claim;
  2. NA Tax 1998 – The Bombay High Court finally rejected CIDCO’s authority to claim N.A. Tax. (Hon’ble Supreme Court of India was pleased to examine applicability of recovery of N.A. tax in  Civil Appeal No. 10187 of 2010 Tata Motors Ltd. decided on 4-7-2011 wherein it made  observation in  paragraph 6 of the Order that Govt. Lessee is not liable to N A Tax but to pay lease rent;
  3. Water Charges – 1999 – reduction by 30%;
  4. Toll Tax – 1999 – reduction by 25% and exemption for 2 & 3 wheelers;
  5. 2013 – Demolition of 200 hutments, illegal encroachments in Central Park at Ghansoli;
  6. In the year 2016 – Introduction of bus service to connect Nerul and Belapur Bus depots enroute to Parsik Hill.


This Federation was  registered in 1999 on the initiative of Shri A K Bhattacharyya and Late K. Somakumar who have worked relentlessly for the Federation.

Unique quality of Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd. is to provide guidance to all societies, on all the working days, from Federation office.

The Directors of this Federation are motivated on the spirit of community service and no one uses this platform for any professional benefit. Most of its suggestions have so long been accommodated while framing the Model Bye-laws of 2001, 2009 and 2014.


This Federation is providing Education and Training Programme , to its member societies (presently online due to Covid-19 Pandemic) to comply with the requirement of the 97th amendment to the Constitution of India, the syllabus of which has been fixed by the Commissioner for Co-operation and Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Pune


(Whenever any enquiry is conducted by the Registrar against the Society and action like supersession of Managing Committee is proposed by the Registrar, he asks for  opinion of the Federation before taking any such decision, to comply with the requirement of the provisions of MCS Act, 1960. Federation has always been forwarding its independent opinion within the specified period.)

The Federation makes available all types of stationery required by a Co-operative Housing Society including various forms, registers etc.  to  its member societies. Recently the Federation, jointly with various other Federations in the State, took up the issue of freeing smaller societies from the mandatory purview of State Co-operative Election Authority which involved huge expenditure for the small societies. After prolonged follow up, the Government has exempted societies  up to 250 members from the purview of SCEA.

Consequence of  omission to enrol as a member of the Federation constitutes wilful failure to comply with the provision of Section 78 of MCS Act 1060, which reads as, “If, in the opinion of the Registrar, the committee of any society or any member of such committee makes default or is negligent in the performance of the duties imposed on it or him by this Act or the Rules or the Bye-laws …………… the Registrar may, by Order, remove the Committee………….. “

Byelaw No. 137 reads as, “The member of the committee shall be jointly and severally responsible for all the decisions taken by the Committee during its term relating to the business of the society. The member of the Committee shall be jointly and severally responsible for all the acts and omissions detrimental to the interest of the society”

Combined reading of the above provisions leads us to appeal to those societies, who could not yet make it convenient to become member of this Federation, to comply with Byelaw No. 6 with immediate effect, to avoid any penal action by the Jt. Registrar, Co-operative Societies (CIDCO).

Some of the important suggestions of this Federation which have been accepted by the authorities are –

  1. Exempting Committee members of Co-operative Housing Societies from signing of M-20 Bond and
  2. Deleting the clause of minimum 2 years of membership to be eligible to  become  a member of the Committee.

Founder Members of Navi Mumbai Action Committee were –

  1. Mr. A.K. Bhattacharyya
  2. Mr. T.V. Jacob
  3. Mr. K.S.S. Narayanan
  4. Mr. Bhajan Singh
  5. Mr. K. Somakumar
  6. Mr. B.R. Shejale
  7. Mr. H.M. Sakhardande
  8. Mr. D. Shivaji
  9. Mr. S.K. Khanna
  10. Mr. S. Nair
  11. Mr. P. Indravallabhan
  12. Mr. P. Javalkar
  13. Mr. P.S. Kshetramade
  14. Mr. P.N. Padmanabhan
  15. Mr. R.V. Raut
  16. Mr. Raghuviran
  17. Mr. Mani N.A.S.
  18. Mr. Arvind Naik
  19. Mr. D. Narsaih
  20. Mr. D.C. Wani
  21. Mr. G.S. Mullick
  22. Mr. S.T. Chodankar

”With appropriate guidance and active support of Shri S.P. Sangle, Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Societies Federation Ltd. was duly registered along with its Byelaws on 12th April, 1999 with Registration No.   NBOM/CIDCO/GNL(O)/1609/JTR/1999-2000.  The jurisdiction of the newly registered organization covered   CIDCO-developed Nodes in Navi Mumbai to co-ordinate with the Joint Registrar of  Co-operative Societies (CIDCO) for orderly development of Housing Cooperative Movement in Navi Mumbai and to comply with the requirements of the MCS Act.  The Board of the Federation consisted of 15 Directors including the  three Office-bearers viz.  President,  General Secretary and  Treasurer and  six officers like two Vice-Presidents, three Joint Secretaries and one Jt. Treasurer

The first Board of Directors consisted of the following :

Shri. A K Bhattacharyya                           President

Shri. K Somakumar                                   Vice- President

Shri. R N Govil                                            General Secretary

Shri. M B Rao                                              Treasurer

Shri. N Mahadevan                                    Joint Secretary

Shri. B R Mhatre                                         Joint Treasurer

Dr.   L C Thadani                                        Director

Shri. N C Varshany                                    Director

Shri. K S S Narayanan                               Director

Shri. Ravi Shankar                                    Director

Shri. N K Kapoor                                       Director

Shri. P C Churi                                           Ex-Officio Director (Bombay Federation)

Shri. D S Borwankar                                 Ex-Officio Director (Thane Federation)

In  co-operative year 2006, the Federation  made some vital amendments to its Byelaws on the following issues –

Sr No.            From                 To
   1 Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Societies Federation Ltd Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd
   2 J K Chamber Premises Co-operative Society’s Office,
Sector -17 Vashi Navi Mumbai
303, Big Splash, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
   3 President Chairman
   4 Vice–President  Vice-Chairman
   5 Added Life-member means person joining in an application for registration of this Federation.

Associate Member means person specially approved by the Board in that respect.

   6 Quorum of Board Meeting  – 10 Quorum of Board Meeting  – 8

The Federation has always been fortunate to receive unreserved encouragement and active support of all the Joint Registrars since its inception. Following are the Joint Registrars who substantially contributed to the planned development of Housing Co-operatives in Navi Mumbai in co-ordination with Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd :

  • Shri.  S P Sangle
  • Shri.  A Seveakar
  • Dr.    Subhash Mane
  • Shri.  B P Rathod
  • Shri.  Anil Chavan
  • Shri.  Sandip Deshmukh
  • Shri.  Subhash Patil
  • Shri.  Sharad Jare
  • Shri.  Rajendra Pawar
  • Dr.     Kedaree Jadhav

The activities and contribution of the Federation have been widely acknowledged at various levels including the State and even at the National level.

The Federation has played a substantial role in the review and approval of Model Byelaws 2001, 2009, 2011 and the amendments to certain provisions in the present Byelaws 2014.

It is pertinent to put on record that all the cooperative housing societies including such societies which were originally registered by DDR Thane, have come under the jurisdiction of the Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies (CIDCO). Consequently it is now mandatory for them to be affiliated  to Navi Mumbai Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd., being the only coordinating body with the Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies (CIDCO)

Since 1999, this Federation is functioning from its office at Room No.303, Big Splash, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai (Ph. 022 -:2789 7301) carrying out the statutory functions. It has been making available required stationery and documents as well as providing necessary guidance to the member societies to resolve their day to day problems and acting as a link between the Registrar and the Member Societies to address their issues. It is regularly conducting seminars, workshops and Co-operative Education and Training to Members under 24A / 154B-{6) of MCS Act as well as meetings at various Nodes to educate them about various provisions of the MCS Act, Rules, Bye-laws and the Government Orders passed from time to time. Even during Covid 19 pandemic Federation has been continuing both the Co-operative Education and Training to Members and the training programme of thirteenth batch  for Manager of Co-operative Housing Societies through ‘online’.

To enhance able administration and proper up-keeping of records, in 2003 the Federation implemented automation of most of its functioning including maintenance of inventory of stationery, details of membership, administration etc.

This Federation pursued with Government for providing the following changes :

  1. Separate law for Housing Co-operatives or at least a separate Chapter for Housing Co-operatives,
  2. Withdrawal of  provision permitting sale of parking space,
  3. No compulsory provision for its members to obtain “No Objection Certificate” of the Society for transfer of their shares / capital property of the society,
  4. Withdrawal of compulsory provision of CIDCO NOC for transfer of Shares in a CHS in CIDCO-developed Nodes in Navi Mumbai,
  5. Withdrawal of compulsory provision of signing M-20 Bond by members of the Managing Committee.
  6. Enabling provision for disconnection of water supply to the flat of the defaulter

It is our proud privilege to put on record that excepting the items under number  4 & 6 all our proposals have been accepted through due GRs from time to time. Item number 4 is under the consideration of Bombay High Court against our PIL.

The Department of Co-operation through its letter in 2009 directed the registering authorities and all the Housing Federations of the State to provide trained manpower to Housing Societies to ensure smooth and trouble-free administration of such bodies.

It is the only Federation in Maharashtra to constitute the syllabus for a Certificate Course for Manager of Co-operative Societies, consisting of five modules besides practical, obtained due approval of the Jt. Registrar, Cooperative Societies (CIDCO) and implemented the course of about five months on  weekends  with the active support and patronage of the Jt. Registrar, Cooperative Societies (CIDCO) all along, the thirteen batch of which is scheduled to be completed by end of February 2021 and commence the fourteenth batch by March 2021. Certificates are issued to the successful prospective Manages signed jointly by the Jt. Registrar, Cooperative Societies (CIDCO) and the Federation

Faculty members include Senior Officers of Co-operative Department, Senior Advocates, Senior Chartered Accountants, retired Judges  and high ranking  Government officers and  experienced personalities in the field of Housing Co-operatives.

The MCS Act was amended in consonance with the 97th Amendment to impose mandatory requirement for all the societies to arrange to provide Education and Training to at least 20% of their  members and employees under Section 24A/154B(6)  every year as per the syllabus constituted by the Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar for Cooperative Societies through the specified Apex Federations and report compliance to the their respective registering authority along with the annual report. Though such Education and Training Programme got suspended for some period due to COVED -19 pandemic,  it is continued ‘on line’ at least once a month since 1st of November 2020.

This Federation from its initial stage has been ensuring presence of some of its Directors, especially its Chairman and Secretary not only to guide but to function as friend and philosopher on all working days between 10-30 am and 2 pm which was subsequently extended to the second half too to attend representatives of our member societies without any appointment and absolutely without any fee.