Ref : Training /Member Societies/2018  Dtd.1st December 2018



The Chairman/Secretary,


Dear Member,

Subject : Training of members of Co-Operative Housing Societies under Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (MCS) Act , 1960 as  amended  in Feb-2013 pertaining to education of  its members-

You may be aware that the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act of 1960 has been amended with effect from 16-February-2013.  The new inclusion of the provisions therein pertaining to the subject matter are mainly :  

  • Training and education  to all members of the Housing Societies via Apex Co-operatives;
  • It is a mandate to the Managing Committee of every Housing Society  to take part in regular training at least once in  consecutive five years;
  • Society shall arrange for such training  to 20% of its  members every year so that all the members are trained within a period of 5 years.

Consequently Model Byelaws of 2014 include the following provisions under Byelaw Nos :

     5(e) –    To provide Co-operative Education and Training to develop Co-operative skills to its Members, Committee Members, officers and employees of the Society.

  13 (d) –    To create Education and Training Fund from the Members as contribution of  Rs. 10 per month / per unit or as decided by the General Body.

  14 (d) –    The Education & Training Fund be utilized as provided under section 24(A) of the Act.

67(a)(xiv) -Education and Training Fund : Rs. 10 per Flat / Unit per month.

Combined reading of all the above provisions leads to conclusive evidence that it is a must for all Co-operative Housing Societies to create Education and Training Fund @:   Rs. 10 per Flat/Unit per month; this Fund to be utilized for providing education and training to all its members on specified topics and  communicate compliance to the Joint Registrar through annual report, which is to be submitted within six months from the closing of the financial year.

The Commissioner for Co-operation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies has specified the following topics for  this programme :

(1)            97th Constitutional amendments, MCS (Amendment) Act, 2013, MCS (Amendment) Rules, 2014, changes in the Model Bye-laws and adoption procedure; 

(2)            Redressal of complaints of the members of CHS and the Society; 

(3)            Management of Cooperative Housing Societies, Maintenance of various books,     

                Election, Holding AGM, SGM, Role of the Committee, Responsibilities of Members, Computer software for management of CHS; 

(4)           Title transfer by executing Conveyance Deed, payment of stamp duty , Registration, Transfer of Flats, Nomination, Legal Heirs,  etc. 

(5)            Leakage, levy of charges, Structural audit, Major Repairs, Redevelopment.

Our Federation is authorised to conduct such training programme and arrange to issue certificate of participation to each participant. Each session will be of about 3 hours. Fee for the same has been fixed @ of Rs. 2,000/- per Society or Rs. 200/- per participant   whichever is more but limiting to maximum Rs. 3,000/-.

Consequently, the Federation has decided to extend such facility to all its member societies on obtaining prior appointments from the Federation Office.

You are hereby, requested to book the seats indicating number of participants  at the earliest, to avail of the facility on first come first served basis.

Thanking you,

Yours in Cooperation,

( A. K. Bhattacharyya)