Consequent to new amendment of MCS Act 1960, a society has to arrange for obtaining mandatory Education and Training ( at least 20% per year) to its members and report Compliance to Registering Authority.

The jt. Registrar, Co-operative Societies (CIDCO) issued direction for all the Cooperative Housing Societies in Navi Mumbai to contact Navi Mumbai Cooperative Housing Federation for obtaining such training, to avoid any penal action.

Your Federation has decided to extend such mandatory Education and Training programme facility to the interested Member Societies on  Sunday, 18th August 2019 from 2 p.m. at Jhulelal Temple Hall, 1st Floor,   Plot No.7, Sector 9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400 703. Interested member societies are requested to arrange for registration of their name for this programme on or before  16th  August 2019, during working hours, with the office of this Federation along with an Account Payee cheque in favour of this Federation of Rs 3, 000/- each ( irrespective of the number of participants).   

                                                             –  A. K. Bhattacharyya, Chairman