AccountsMaintain Cash Book, General Ledger & Personal Ledger to prepare, Receipt & payment
  Income & Expenditure Statement & Balance Sheet
 Addition and alterationAlteration of structural only with approval of municipality   
  Addition and alteration in the flat with permission of society & Municipality
 AdministratorAppointment of Administrator is not at all to be encouraged
 Advance payment Rebate for Advance Payment to a member is not permitted
 AGM  AGM must be conducted by 30th September every year. No power to conduct thereafter
 Amenities  Managing committee is responsible to maintain the building and all amenities
 Annual Report  Submit annual report by 30th October to avoid penalty of Rs 5,000/-
 Associate memberAssociate member enjoys voting right with due written consent of the original member
 Only family member is eligible to become an associate member
  Associate membership is only for a person who is have stake in the property
 Audit   Auditor to make FIR to police Station for misappropriation fund if notice during auditing
   Society shall submit Audit rectification report along with Annual report
   Auditor to be appointed by from the panel maintained by the Registrar
   Same auditor cannot be appointed for more than three years
 Authorised Officer   Termology of Administer is replaced by Authorised Officer
 Bachelor  No law can prevent a bachelor to be a leave and license holder
 Builders  Builder member to pay society charges for unsold flats
  Builder member cannot claim for share certificate
  Builder member cannot sub-lettes the unsold flats
  Builder is bound to apply for formation of Society/ Association/\ company with 4 months  
  Builder is bound to arrange for conveyance to Society/ Association/ company with 4 months
  Builder is bound to hand over all documents pertaining to Society immediately
  Builder is bound to hand over all parking spaces in vacant position to Society immediately
 Byelaws  Model Bye-laws of 2014 is automatically applicable to all society 
  Bye-laws are not law but are enforceable under the Indian Contract Act
  Society charges by Managing Committee with GB approval in specific case
  Amendment of byelaws 2/3 majority in GB, approach Registrar within two months for approval
  Joint members are individually authorised to make Nominations for his shares
  Byelaw being subordinate to MCS Act, provisions of Act supersede those of bye-laws
 Cash  Financial limit of MC has been fixed up to the limit of Rs 1,00,000/-
  Cash expenditure reduced to Rs 1,500/-
  Daily Cash in hand increased upto Rs 5,000/-
  Society is not eligible to allow cash discount for advance payment
 Chairman  Meeting to be chaired by the Chairman
 On emergency chairman can exercise full power of the Managing Committee
 Chief promotor  Chief Promoter has to hand over all documents to the elected committee including accounts
 Conveyance  Conveyance brings right on the land and it is must be done at the earliest
 Lease deed with CIDCO is equivalent to conveyance in Navi Mumbai
 Co-option  Managing committee with quorum is authorised to co-opt against casual vacancies
 Defaulter  A member may be a defaulter on failing payment for 3 months after receipt of claim
   DecisionDecision of simple authority with  due quorum is only lawful
 All decision of the society shall be on majority
 Defaulter  Defaulter cannot continue as a member of the Managing Committee
 Defaulter to be dealt with recovery process
 Disconnection of water  Disconnection of water supply to a defaulter is not permitted under law
 Dispute redressal  Dispute redressal authorities for different issue were specified under byelaw no 174
 Duplicate Share Certificate  Duplicate share certificate can be issued in fit cases, after strictly observing all the formalities
 Election  Societies having up to 250 members may conduct their own election under amended Rules
  Returning officer may be appointed by the Society/Registrar
  State Election Authority to monitor elections closely for others
  Society to intimate SCEA 6 month in advance about their date of expiry of tenure
 Encroachment  Five times monthly maintenance charges may be imposed on encroacher
 First GB  First General body meeting to be convened by Chief promotor by 3 months
 Formation  Co-operative Housing Association with at least 5 societies;
 GB Resolution  No alteration of Resolution of General body within six months
 GST  Collection of sinking funds is coming under GST
 Interconnected flat  Interconnected flats by members to be treated as per approved plane
 Joint Member  Joint member is authorised to nominate individually against their shares
 Joint member cannot automatically become member after demise of member
 Leakage  Managing committee is absolutely liable to repair the leakage immediately
 Cost of leakage to be decided as per provision of Bye-laws
 Leave and License  Leave and License without register document is not permitted
 Leave and License Verbally Extended is not valid in the eye of law
 Lift  Charges for maintenance of Lift to paid by all members of the building where lift exists
 Lift maintenance cost to be shared equally by all members of the building
 Manager  Manager is better than administrator
 Managing Committee  Non-resident may also be a member of the Managing Committee  
 Managing Committee may be kept under suspension for Six months only
 Manual  Manual for Cooperative Housing Societies supersede those of Bye-laws
 Member  Concept of new members like Joint and Provisional Members introduction
 More flats  A person may be holder of number of flats but to be considered as one member
 No-Confidence  No Confidence Motion against Office Bearers only and that to by Managing Committee Members
 No right off  Society enjoys no authority to Waive of Interest for Defaulter 
 NOC  NOC from CIDCO for Transfer is essential
 No NOC from society is required for transfer but intimation of 15 days is essential
 Nomination  Nomination individually by both joint members is permissible
 Managing Committee is not authorised to co-opt Office bearers against casual vacancies
 Nominee  Nominee member is only a trustee not owner
 Non- cooperation  Society may be registered under non- cooperation of builder
 Non active  Record non-active member   by April and communicate to registering authority
 Non occupancy  Non-Occupancy Charge is not applicable for family member
  Non-occupancy charge shall not be more than 10% of the service charges
  No Non-occupancy charge for flat under lock and key
 Notice  Notice through e-mail is lawful
  Notice period for General body meeting shall be 15 days
  Notice period for Special General body meeting shall be 5 days even earlier on emergency
  Notice period for Managing Committee meeting shall be 5 days
  Notice to be served by hand delivery, or registered post, or through electronic media and Notice Board
 Occupancy right  Members are enjoying only the occupancy right over the flat, purchased by them
 Office bearer  No Confidence Motion against Office bearers to be initiated by 1/3rd members voted by 2/3rd under chairmanship of Registrar
 Ordinance  Ordinance is having the force of law valid up to 6 weeks of secession
 Ownership  Membership and ownership are two different rights
  Ownership can be decided only by the judiciary
  Tenant Co-partnership housing society, ownership ofboth land and building are with society
 Parking  Neither builder nor society is authorised to sale parking space
  No member can be owner of any parging space
  In case of shortage of parking space, parking shall be allotted yearly basis through lottery
 Penalty  Realistic penalties for offences
  Different rates of Penalty are fixed for different defaults
  Penalty of Rs 5,000/- max.  on Management Committee for not allowing inspection of documents
 Playing  Playing time, space & game in the society premises to be decided by General Body
 Power  Right to exercise power come only through due resolution and not otherwise
 Power of attorney  Power of attorney holder are not allowed to attend General Body Meeting
 Premium  No premium from family member nor for first sale
 Professional  No lawful objection of professional activity in society by a member
 Promoter  Promoter to hand over all the documents without keeping anything with him
 Quorum  Unfilled seats for reserved category not to be considered for Quorum
 Redevelopment  Self-redevelopment is advantageous for society over redevelopment
  Redevelopment need sanction of 51% of total members
  Self-redevelopment is encouraged by the government
 Registration  Resignation is not effective until the same is accepted and charges have been handed over
 Resignation under Duress is not effective in the eye of law
 Repair  Major repair expenses to be contributed by each member on area basis
 Reservation  Reservation of 5 seats in each Managing Committee
 Sale  No restriction to sale a flat within one year
 Secretary  Secretary is the custodian of all documents including those of accounts
 Secretary is to draw minutes which shall be approved in the next meeting
 Share  Duplicate Share Certificate may be issued in genuine cases with full precautions
  Ten shares for each individual membership
  Transfer or transmission of Shares to be effective only if the dues are paid to the Society;
 Sinking Fund  Sinking fund may be utilise for major repair with approval of General Body
 Society  Registering authority enjoys power to amalgam more societies to one or split one to more in appropriate cases
  Formation of co-operative society has become the fundamental right of the citizens
  Only five persons of separate family can form a society
  Autonomous status for Cooperative Society
  Fundamental right to form cooperative society
 Society Charges  Managing Committee authorised to apportion the share of each member as per Byelaws
 Sub-committee  All subcommittees are enjoying only authority of recommendations and to function under the Managing Committee
 Terrace  Maintenance of common Terrace at the cost of funds of the society
 Training  Every society to collect Rs. 10/ per unit per month towards Education and Training fund
  Every society shall provide such Training to at least of 20% of their members every year
  Regular education & training through Apex Co-operatives
 Unregistered society  Society is not authorised to enjoy any authority to function before its registration
 Unsold flat  Builder to Pay Service Charges for Unsold Flats
 CIDCO to Pay Service Charges for Unsold Flats
 Use of flat  Commercial use of residential flat is not permitted  
 Voting right  Voting right one for each member to be exercised only in person
  Member enjoys voting right immediately after being admitted as member
  All members are having right to vote equal to the number of vacancies to be filled in
 WILL  WILL supersedes Nomination

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